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Roltec Power Wheelchairs

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A true all-rounder


Roltec A/S

ROLTEC el-kørestole A/S offers a wide program within the category of indoor and outdoor Power Wheelchairs with focus on functionality and quality. The modular construction system meaning the very low height of the seat, the comfort and the high reliability is one of the cornerstones of the products which ROLTEC for more than 40 years has guaranteed for.



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BOA Center Wheel Drive

ROLTEC BOA is ideally suited to move indoors where space is tight . It differs from the crowd when driving outdoors where the patent pending suspension makes it through very rough terrain .Further ROLTEC BOA despite its suspension is very laterally stable and is well suited as a working chair .

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Security has for many years been one of the cornerstones of ROLTEC’s products and it is no different in the new model CT4. With ROLTEC VISION CT4 you get a highly reliable, well-run and flexible power Wheelchair with an estimated range of up to 55 kilometers. With a top speed of 10 km/h or 14 km/h. Unique lift / tilt system as much as 36 centimeters lift and tilt functions with
7-degree forward tilt and 40 degree tilt backwards.

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Python is a smaller and more compact version of the well-known Vision CT4 Power Wheelchair. With ROLTEC Python there is no compromise in terms of technology, safety, comfort and design. The advanced electronics are still the same and the modular mechanics still provides the great flexibility as ROLTEC products are known for.

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This model makes it possible to be wheelchair user with a weight up to 200 kg.

The ROLTEC HEAVY Duty use the same revolutionary digital technology as the VISION Plus Wheelchair. It is not visible on the exterior design, but significant reinforcements has been made on the lift/tilt system and chassis. Furthermore the Wheelchair comes with solid tyres. Concerning the safety and comfort it is naturally the same as VISION Plus.

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ROLTEC VIPER manage to set a new standard for front-wheel drive Power Wheelchairs! ROLTEC VIPER is equipped with a completely new electronic that can handle the groundbreaking “Real Motion” Tacho technology.
A revolutionary electronic monitoring system that uses sensors to keep an eye on the driven wheel speed, and automatically adjusts in accordance with the speed the joystick signals the wheels should have.

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